Dealer and Private Party Transfers

BEFORE you buy, bid, or ship:  

BEFORE buying / bidding / shipping anything, you must CONTACT US FIRST to ensure it is legal for transfer, and that we are willing to accept it.  We DO NOT ACCEPT AMMUNITION transfers.

If you fail to contact us per this policy, your transfer fee per item will increase to $100, plus the $37.19 DROS fee without exception.  No 'Assault' weapons per California laws (PC 30515). All inbound items must originate from an FFL with CFLC documentation.

Online purchases must come from an FFL firearms dealer and are registered to ship to California with CFLC approval documents.

Online purchase guidelines:

1.  Must come via an FFL that is registered with CA DOJ / CFLC to ship into the State.

2.  UPS is strongly advised.  Avoid using USPS or FedEx GROUND due to delays and possible loss.

3.  Provide us with a tracking number ASAP.  

4.  Must be legal for transfer in CA.  No 'Assault' weapon configurations. 

5.  Handguns must be on the CA-roster verbatim.  Does not apply to PPT.