Terms and Conditions

BEFORE you buy, bid, or ship:  

BEFORE buying/bidding/shipping anything, you must CONTACT US FIRST to ensure it is legal for transfer and that we are willing to accept it.  AMMUNITION transfers are not accepted.

  1. Review all of our fees. Your inbound shipment with or without notice is an implied acceptance of our fee structure.

  2. All inbound items must originate from a current FFL retailer/manufacturer with CFLC documentation.

  3. Handguns must be legal for sale in California.

  4. No 'Assault' weapons per California laws (PC 30515). 

  5. We only accept shipments from FedEx EXPRESS, UPS, and USPS.  We generally will not accept shipments via FedEx GROUND due to chronic delays.

  6. Upon shipment, please provide us a tracking number immediately. Use our contact form HERE

If you have any questions, please contact us at (209) 943-2446 x-1005.