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Terms and Conditions

BEFORE you buy, bid, or ship:  

Contact us FIRST to register your inbound item and confirm:

  • Handguns are on the California Roster of Certified Handguns and are legal for transfer.

  • Long guns must NOT be configured as an “Assault weapon” as defined per PC 30515 or designated as such per PC 30510. They must be CA-legal upon arrival. FCP will not modify or alter items to make them legal and/or compliant.

  • The item is coming from a Federal Firearms Licensee dealer, along with California Firearm Licensee Check (CFLC) Shipment Approval number. Any firearm received without an approval number will be returned at the buyer’s expense including inbound AND outbound transfer fees.

  • We will discourage any shipments via FedEx GROUND due to chronic delivery issues. Your tracking status may errantly show 'Delivery attempted, Business closed', even though we are in the office.

  • FedEx EXPRESS, UPS, and USPS are acceptable.

  • Provide us with a tracking number ASAP.

Fees for FFL Transfers

  • Transfer contract signed prior to shipping: $40.00 per serialized item + $37.19 DROS fee

  • No transfer contract signed prior to shipping: $100 per serialized item + $37.19 DROS fee.

  • Fees apply to inbound and/or outbound transfers.


We may be required to collect 9% sales tax if it was not collected by the Seller. Bring a copy of your sales receipt showing that sales tax was collected.

Private Party Transfers
A Private Party Transfer (PPT) is a transaction between two separate individuals residing in CA with a valid CA Driver's License or Identification Card. Both the buyer and seller MUST be present at the same time for this type of transaction.

The State fee is $47.19, and $10 for each additional firearm on the same DROS submission. If the Buyer in the PPT is denied, the firearm will be returned to the Seller (pending an additional DROS and fee of $37.19. The Buyer and Seller must come to a mutual agreement regarding refunds as Fritz Chin Photography will not be involved in your private transaction.

Purchases/Orders through FCP:  Must be paid in full ahead of time. Any order cancellation will be subject to a 40% restocking fee. DROS and/or transfer fees are non-refundable.

We accept cash, check, and money order. There is a $40 return check fee. We also accept all major credit cards and Venmo. Credit/debit/electronic payments will have a 3% service fee added to the total charged.

If your DROS is denied for any reason, FCP will provide you with a General Notice of Firearm Prohibitions and Power of Attorney for Firearms Relinquishment, Sale, or Transfer for Storage (DOJ form BOF 110)

Ammunition Transfers: We do not receive ammunition transfers.

Unclaimed items left after 30 days will be charged a $50 per month storage fee for up to 180 days. Afterward, the item will be considered abandoned, and you agree to forfeit ownership and any refunds, if applicable.

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