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Intrafamilial Transfers

What is an Intrafamilial Transfer (IFT)?


IFT's can occur between a grandparent, parent, spouse, or child.  IFT's do not apply to cousins, siblings, in-laws, step parents/child, etc.  PC 16720


If the IFT is between California residents:

You can just download form BOF 4544A, complete the information, and mail it with a payment to the California Department of Justice. More specific information on IFTs can be found HERE.

How can I obtain form BOF 4544A?


If the IFT is coming from outside California:

The firearm must not be configured as an 'Assault' weapon, and be legal for transfer.  It must be received / processed through an FFL holder.  Generally, the process is as follows:

1.  Transferor ships the fireram to us from outside of California with a tracking number;

2.  Upon receipt, we will set up an appointment to process the transfer.

3.  Tranferee completes DROS paperwork, pays fees, and undergoes the '10-day' waiting period, 

Click here for a sample letter for out-of-state IFT


Please contact us if you wish to process an out-of-state IFT.

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