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Fee Schedule

BEFORE you buy, bid, or ship:  

BEFORE buying/bidding/shipping anything, you must CONTACT US FIRST to ensure it is legal for transfer and that we are willing to accept it.  AMMUNITION transfers are not accepted.


*You must bring all required documents that are original and valid.  If you do not have the required documents, your appointment can be rescheduled along with an additional fee of $40.  

Firearm Transfer Fees
  • Transfer contract signed prior to shipping: $40.00 per serialized item + $37.19 DROS fee

  • No transfer contract signed prior to shipping: $100 per serialized item + $37.19 DROS fee.

  • Fees apply to inbound and/or outbound transfers.

  • We may be required to collect 9% sales tax if it was not collected by the Seller. Bring a copy of your sales receipt showing that sales tax was collected.


Purchasing Online (i.e. Gunbroker, Brownells, Bud's Gun Shop, etc.)

1.  Must come via an FFL that is registered with CA DOJ / CFLC to ship into the State.

2.  Please use UPS, USPS, or FedEx EXPRESS.  We generally do not accept shipments via FedEx GROUND due to chronic delays.

3.  Provide us with a tracking number ASAP.  

4.  Must be legal for transfer in CA.  No 'Assault' weapon configurations. 

5.  Handguns must be on the CA-roster verbatim.  Does not apply to PPT.

Access the handgun roster list by clicking HERE.

Private Party Transfers (PPT - California Residents only)
  • DROS $37.19

  • Dealer fee $10 per firearm

  • Generally, a PPT is face-to-face and both parties are California residents.

  • Any online purchases are not a PPT.

** IMPORTANT ** If you purchase a firearm from an out-of-state private party transaction, the firearm must be shipped to us from an FFL along with the DOJ-CFLC approval document.  These are not considered PPT. Click HERE for more info.   

Other Services
  • Dealer transfers to another FFL $40 plus shipping per item

  • Firearms Safety Certificate $25

  • Firearms cable lock $10 (previously owned/used locks not acceptable)

Restocking / Storage Fees


All firearms purchased from are subject to a 30% restock fee which include, but are not limited to, canceled pre-paid orders, DROS transactions that are denied/delayed, etc.  This will be calculated on the price of item, excluding sales tax and DROS fees.  


Firearms FFL transfers that are left over thirty (30) days will incur a storage fee if $5.00 per calendar day up to $150.00.

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