Required Documents for Transfers

All transactions are done by appointment at our licensed location at 2014 Pacific Avenue, Suite #2, Stockton, CA 95204.  Park and access from the rear parking lot.

1.  Valid CALIFORNIA Driver License or Identification*

  • REAL ID; it does NOT have 'Federal Limits Apply' (FLA) in corner

  • FLA requires that you bring a valid US Passport or certified copy of your birth certificate

  • ID has current physical address.  If address is not physical or current, read #2.

2.  Valid Secondary form of California Residency*

Must have your name and current physical address.  No PO Box or PMB, etc.  Bring at least one:

  • CA vehicle registration

  • CA Hunting license or CCW permit

  • Utility bill (electric, gas, cable [not satellite], landline phone).  Must be current within 90 days.

  • Mortgage statement or lease agreement (current within 90 days)

  • Not valid:  Satellite TV, cell phone, insurance certificate, etc.


3.  Valid Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC)*, or

  • Valid CA CCW permit

  • PC 832 firearms training (1990 or newer) certificate

  • Documented exemption:  Active, reserve, honorably retired US military or peace officer; CA DOJ certified instructor.

4.   Printed copy of your invoice showing that sales tax was collected.

  • If sales tax was not collected, we are required to collect it at 9% of the MSRP.


5.  Approved Firearm Safety Device (FSD)*

  • OEM FSD lock included with firearm being transfered

  • CA-approved lockbox and/or gun safe.  You own either that can contain and secure the firearm being purchased.  Bring the make and model to complete the Affidavit of Gun Safe Ownership, or...

  • You will be required to purchase and FSD (i.e. cable lock) and produce a receipt from within 30 days prior to taking possession of the firearm. 

  • A previously owned cable lock from another firearm is not permissible.  Info HERE.

Waiting Period:  There is a mandatory waiting period of 10 consecutive, 24-hour periods ("10-days") before you can take possession of your firearm.  The waiting period starts when your DROS paperwork is submitted to CA DOJ.

30-day Pickup:  You must take possession of your firearm no later than 30 days after the start of your DROS.  Otherwise, you will have to repeat the DROS process and pay an additional fee.

Payments:  We accept cash, check, or Venmo.  Credit / debit cards, and PayPal are also accepted and wil add 3.5% to the amount charged.  

*Required documents must be original and valid.  If you do not have the required documents, your appointment can be rescheduled along with an additional fee of $40.