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Providing commercial licensed photography services of firearms, accessories, and other related products.  Per ATF and DOJ requirements, we can receive and bound firearms to be photographed.


Are you buying online from Gunbroker*, Bud's Gun Shop*, etc.?  We can receive and process your DROS paperwork for legal transfer.

*Gunbroker is a registered trademark.  We are an independent FFL that is registered with this site.


We are an authorized dealer for the most popular manufacturers.  All items must be legal for transfer in California.  We are PC832 friendly

and permitted large-capacity magazine sales to qualified agencies/individuals.  


We are NOT a retail gun store.

As an Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, and a California Firearms Dealer (CFD), we can receive and process the legal transfer of your firearms purchase or sale.


Fritz Chin Photography, Inc. is recognized as one of the leading photography studios in the greater Stockton region.  Established in 1973 on Stockton's Miracle Mile, we have built a reputation for quality and service that is second to none.  

In addition to our fine portraits, a we also photograph serialized items for the firearms industry.  If you are a manufacturer / distributor needing items photographed for commercial purposes, please send a message via our contact form.

If you wish to purchase a specific item, or need an FFL to facilitate a dealer transfer of an online purchase (serialized parts or other items), we can help you.  Please note that we do not receive ammunition purchases.



All transfers are done by appointment only.  Online purchases must come from an FFL.

Due to previous issues (including damaged or lost items), please ship via UPS.

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